Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Riho captures AEW’s inaugural Women’s World Championship

AEW has officially made their television debut on the TNT Network and we have their first-ever Women’s World Champion. Nyla Rose and Riho were the two lucky competitors to be involved in this historic match-up. In the end, Riho would secure the win and become the inaugural champion.

The match would definitely focus on the size and strength advantage for Rose over Riho. Riho’s quickness would favor her even when Rose tried every trick she could muster. Rose would even attempt to gain more power by introducing chairs to her benefit which was a quick highlight of the bout.

The first chair introduced was stopped by the referee. Afterward, she would pile up the chairs on the outside of the ring and lay Riho on top. Riho with her quickness would move causing Rose to go spine first on to the steel chairs on the outside of the ring. Riho would follow up with a stomp to the back of her opponent.

The last couple of minutes saw one near fall after another. Riho would escape a powerbomb attempt and would roll up Rose for a two count. The near falls would get closer and closer to a three-count as they continued. The next would see Riho kick out of a Death Valley Driver. A suplex off the turnbuckle from Riho to Rose would be another near fall.

Riho would finally put away Rose with double knees to the face to become the first-ever AEW Women’s World Champion.

The aftermath resulted in Rose attacking Michael Nakazawa who was in the ring about to translate Riho’s win in Japanese. Rose would then set her sights on the new champion. She places her on her shoulders on the ring apron only to have Kenny Omega save her. Rose would then get walked to the back by the official.

What were your thoughts on this match? Are you happy with Riho becoming the inaugural champion? Discuss your thoughts below!

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