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Riho wins three-way match at Fyter Fest

All Elite Wrestling’s second pay-per-view Fyter Fest is today and the main card offered one women’s match. The encounter was a three-way match between Nyla Rose, Riho, and Yuka Sakazaki. Riho pulled out a win via pinfall on Rose.

Coming into the match, Rose may have been the odds on favor simply due to a size advantage. As a result of this, the other two competitors had to use teamwork in order for one of them to come out as the victor.

A 619 was executed by Sakazaki and followed up with a double stomp on Rose but couldn’t get the fall. Rose hits a diving knee on Riho as she is dangling from the top rope.

Riho and Sakazaki attempted to both do a splash off the top rope but Rose’s power was too much for them as she caught both competitors. They both were able to land on her and pull her down for a double pinfall attempt. Rose kicked out at the last millisecond.

Riho was able to counter a powerbomb by Rose to pick up the win with a roll up. Rose attacks Riho after the match but Sakazaki comes to her aide. After they deposited Rose to the outside, Riho shoved Sakazaki.

There was a second women’s match but it was on the preshow. It was between Allie and Leva Bates. It was originally scheduled to be Kylie Rae in the match instead of Allie. Allie picks up the win with a superkick only after Peter Avalon attempted to distract her by throwing a book at her.

Allie will be facing Brandi Rhodes next month for the Fight for the Fallen pay-per-view.

What did you think of AEW’s Fyter Fest in regards to the women’s roster? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!

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