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Ring Ka King Write-Up (February 18th, 2012): Raisha Saeed is Back, Targets Mickie James

Namaste everybody, and welcome to the second edition of the Ring Ka King Write-Up! Last time we were together, everybody saw Mickie James take down Alissa Flash in a thrilling match up, but tonight we were granted a fun backstage interview with the victor of that match. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped because another former TNA Knockout, Raisha Saeed, interrupted the fun! Let’s see what transpires in this new hit wrestling program, and perhaps even thrive on what’s to come!

We head backstage to see Mickie James standing by in the interview section of their behind the scenes area. Interviewer, Ram Menon, welcomes us all and talks about how two weeks ago we saw her debut for the promotion, and congratulates her on the victory. James thanks him and begins to speak on how she has defined women’s divisions across the globe, including here at Ring Ka King, and that she can’t wait to see what competition lies ahead. Suddenly, she is cut off by a sharp screech of, “Silence!” As I am taken back to some fond Impact Wrestling memories, out pops Raisha Saeed!

Mickie attempts to tell her that she will not be spoken to that way, but Raisha simply continues to instruct her to shush. Saeed dubs Mickie “American trash” before stating that James is no match for her. Out come her cohorts, The Sheiks as Raisha then shoves Mickie as the three head off. Mickie exits in the opposite direction, clearly to scout a plan of revenge on the trio, as Ram Menon… well, says something about Mickie! I knew I should’ve learned various languages in high school.

Skip to the 40:00 minute mark.

During a match pitting Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog Hart (DH Smith to most viewers) against the team we met earlier, The Sheiks, Raisha Saeed actually climbs into the ring and begins to go after Hart! She walks closer and closer until BAM! Out of nowhere, Saeed turns around right into a Lou Thesz Press from Mickie James! The two roll out of the ring, and by that, I basically mean Mickie drags Raisha out by the mask and hair as the crowd goes wild! This allows Bulldog Hart to hit the running powerslam and tag in Chavo to finish the bout off with his trademarked Frog Splash for the victory! The two celebrate their win alongside Mickie, as we perhaps see the stepping stones to a wis person tag coming?!

Thoughts: Ahhh, Raisha Saeed is my favorite of Melissa’s personas in wrestling. I had no clue she was going to pop out since I assumed Alissa Flash would be her only one in the promotion. It was so refreshing to see her full covered garb and hear the “Silence” all over again, and now all I hope is to one day hear her call someone swine as well. I’m insanely looking forward to seeing what Mickie and Saeed can do in the ring together because I think that would’ve been a match to see had they been a part of Impact during the same era. Please grant me this wish, Ring Ka King!

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