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Ripley Retains Against Natalya; Maxxine Dupri Makes In-Ring Debut

If you missed the July 3 episode of Raw then you missed an episode full of the women’s roster.

The advertised match of the night was for the Women’s World Championship as Rhea Ripley defended against Natalya. Natalya has been looking for a fair fight since Night of Champions and she hasn’t received it – until now.

This time Natalya didn’t allow Ripley to get the jump on her and instead jumped her during her entrance. The match was everything that their Night of Champions encounter should have been. Nattie spends most of the match trying to lock in the Sharpshooter. Eventually in the end it would be the Riptide to finally keep the veteran down. Ripley retains.

Post match, Ripley continued to beat down on Nattie until Rodriguez and Morgan rushed to the ring to make the save.

Moments later Ripley ran into Ms. Money in the Bank IYO SKY backstage. Ripley warned SKY that if she tries to ever cash in on her it will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Two big segments took place on Raw this week. In a follow up from Shayna Baszler’s shocking turn on Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank, Rousey wanted some answers. She made her way to the ring but before she could talk, Baszler’s music hit. She says she is confident and can speak for everyone when she says that we are all tired of Rousey trying to speak on the microphone.

Baszler continues to say that Rousey is only standing in a WWE ring because of her. Despite Rousey saying she is owed an explanation of the betrayal, Baszler says she owes her nothing. Baszler continued by saying she earned her spot in WWE. She kicked the door down and crawled her way up whereas Rousey waltz right on in and went to WrestleMania.

Rousey first turned it physical when she kicked Baszler off the ring apron, but once in the ring, Baszler applied the ankle lock on her former best friend. Rousey would eventually break free with the use of the ring ropes before Baszler hit a wicked knee to the face.

Baszler would leave the ring with Rousey yelling saying she isn’t finished.

The other major segment involved Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus, and Zoey Stark. Stratus brought back the face mask as she stated Lynch broke her face at Money in the Bank. This is identical to the mask she wore in 2004. After many words were exchanged, Stratus confirmed she wasn’t medically cleared but that Stark will face Lynch next week.

Lastly, Maxxine Dupri finally had her in-ring debut. After weeks and weeks of Dupri being frightened of Valhalla to being trained by Chad Gable and Otis, Dupri stepped in the ring in a six person tag match. Alpha Academy and Dupri vs. Viking Raiders and Valhalla.

The women didn’t enter in until the end of the match but Dupri got the win for her team by pinning Valhalla.

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville became the number one contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. You can read more on that here.

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