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RISE results, Rosemary vs. Cherry Bomb Steel Cage Match

RISE Wrestling hosted their LUMINOUS event last evening in South Gate, Calif. The event housed some high profiled matches including the main event. The main event featured Rosemary taking on Cherry Bomb in a Steel Cage Match. Before reaching the main event the crowd witnessed a Survivor Series style match. There was a questionable upset that occurred in the Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Rayne match. And in the Phoenix of RISE Championship match, a robbery took place.

The second annual BaeVivor Series Match took place. This match featured The Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe) along with Taya Valkyrie and Simone Sherie on one side of the ring. On the other side were The SeaStars (Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox), SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy, and Cheerleader Melissa.

The match broke loose midway as Cheerleader Melissa and Taya Valkyrie brawled in the crowd. Both ladies were counted out causing eliminations for each team respectively. The conclusion of the match involved The Killer Baes up against The SeaStars. The SeaStars won the match while causing both members of The Killer Baes to tap out in unison.

A questionable upset occurred during the Mercedes Martinez match as she faced Madison Rayne in a losing effort. Martinez was the odds on favorite to win this match and perhaps the presence of Miranda Alize caused the loss, or so the crowd thought.

Alize earlier in the night refused to leave the ring after her loss to Shotzi Blackheart. Martinez came out and forced Alize to leave the ring and head towards the back. As a result, the crowd expected Alize to be out at ringside for retribution. Alize attacked Rayne after the match instead and aligned herself with Martinez. The new tag team is known as The Latina Superstars.

As the crowd anxiously awaits for the Steel Cage Match main event they are treated to the Phoenix of RISE Championship match. Aerial Monroe gets her chance for gold as she faces the champion, Zoe Lucas. Lucas won the title at their last event as she shocked the crowd and defeated Kylie Rae after mere seconds of her beating Martinez for the title.

Monroe proved why she goes by the moniker Big Swole as she dominated the majority of this championship match. She received several near falls on the champion. After an inverted leg drop bulldog, Lucas won the match in a controversial ending. The referee didn’t notice that Monroe had her hand on the bottom rope. Knowing that she had been robbed of the match, Monroe attacked the referee.

Everyone is ready for the main event and both competitors are ready to tear each other apart. Rosemary didn’t waste any time as she attacked Cherry Bomb before she could even get into the cage. Once they enter the cage, the history between the two competitors is showcased. They trade blows and the action is equally matched. Cherry Bomb even attempted to calculate Rosemary’s mist.

Rosemary contemplated taking her sickle that she brought to the ring and using it on her opponent. As she holds it over her head she chooses against using it as Delilah Doom and Dust enter the cage. They climb over the top of the cage to assist Rosemary’s impending victory. They hold back Cherry Bomb as Rosemary delivers a deadly spear for the win. Doom and Dust carry out Cherry Bomb to the back to conclude the event.

Other results of the night include the following:

Dust with Delilah Doom defeated Vipress via pinfall. After the match, Doom attempts to attack Vipress but Cherry Bomb comes out to assist.

Shotzi Blackheart defeated Miranda Alize via the Cattle Mutilation submission.

Big Mama defeated Ruby Raze via pinfall after an Earthquake Splash.

The next RISE event will be their PRIDE & JOY event to coincide with Chicago pride. PRIDE & JOY is an age-appropriate show; you must be 21 or up to enter. The event will take place at 5 p.m. CST at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL. It will also stream live on Fite TV.

Check back with Diva-Dirt for future RISE Wrestling events and results.

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