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ROH Women’s Documentary to air; Names of those who were planned to be elevated in the division


On the most recent episode of the ROH Strong podcast, Maria Kanellis Bennett and Bobby Cruise spoke on the women’s division in ROH. ROH has gone on hiatus and thus has released its talent from their contracts. The promotion has plans to return in April with Supercard of Honor but at this time future plans are unknown.

During the podcast, Kanellis Bennett confirms that there will be an upcoming documentary to air on the behind-the-scenes of the women’s tournament that took place over the summer. This tournament crowned Rok-C a new champion for the revamped division. It will air over the weekend of Jan. 15 and will be on ROH TV and YouTube.

“There’s definitely some big announcements coming up in the next few weeks. Some things, I can talk about, and that’s the women’s documentary about the entire tournament. it’s coming out in January and will be on Ring of Honor television and on the YouTube channel.”

She continues, I’m incredibly proud of it and so excited. It gives you an inside look at how these women are preparing for a tournament such as we had last summer. Not only that, but what led to professional wrestling and made them the performer they are today. People like Trish [Adora], Rok-C, Miranda [Alize], talking about their stories in a real intimate way. The behind the scenes relationship between me and someone like Chelsea. We’ve known each other for a long time. I was there when she became the Hot Mess. To see the transition of our relationship and their relationships with each other. The documentary is fantastic.” [h/t – Fightful]

With her time with ROH currently finished, Maria was asked what was next for her. She has one more big announcement but she can’t disclose it at this time.

“I have one other big announcement that I can’t reveal right now, but look for it in January. There is going to be a third announcement that Bobby [Cruise] and I will have together at some point. That’s about all the information I’m willing to give.”

Elsewhere during the podcast, Bobby Cruise (who helped with the revamp of the women’s division) detailed that the first half of 2022 was going to focus on the women’s title. The first four or five months were already discussed and mapped out.

Kanellis Bennett spoke on a few names she wanted to see as a focus in the division including Mandy Leon, Trish Adora, and Chelsea Green.

“In our minds, as far as the title chase and title picture, we had the first four or five months written in our minds already to where we were going,” he said. “Maria touched on two big points that we had discussed; certainly Mandy and then Trish. She has such a great story and it gets told somewhat in the Quest for Gold pre-tapes that aired and it gets told a little bit more in the women’s division documentary, but there is so much more there. She is so good and such a good person. Her story being told thoroughly and her focusing in and chasing the Ring of Honor Women’s World Title was really something we were going to focus on for the first half of next year [2022].”

Maria adds, “The most glaring thing to me, there are two, one is the fact that Mandy (Leon)…she has been in this company for a very long time. I would have liked to have seen one more singles run for her, another title shot at some point. She deserved it and has been one of the pillars for Ring of Honor, not just the women’s side, but the entire company. She deserved that. I would have liked to have some time to give credit due to more people from the past, especially Sumie (Sakai). We ran out of time. Seeing the third match between Miranda (Alize) and Trish (Adora) would have been awesome. Trish has been on a tear and I feel like there is so much more we can do with her. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do that. There were so many things. I know Chelsea was gunning for the championship too. She is everywhere. She’s proved that she’s progressed so much with her wrestling over the past year. There is so much and unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Who knows. These stories, these seeds that were planted, they have legs and could go somewhere. [h/t – Fightful]

What do you think of what was outlined in this podcast?

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