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Ronda Rousey Talks Enjoying Her Current Non-Title Run

Ronda Rousey has won both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship in her WWE career. Her last run wasn’t long at just 55-days with the SmackDown Title. She lost her title after a cash-in by Liv Morgan at Money in the Bank.

While game streaming on her YouTube channel, Rousey spoke about her current non-title run ever since her controversial loss at SummerSlam. She is perfectly fine with having other women in the title picture as her current role doesn’t need her to have a title –

“I mean, definitely I guess but also, I feel like I don’t need it [Rousey responded when asked if she thinks she’ll be champion in WWE again]. I’ve been liking my non-title run because Roddy Piper never really needed the titles to make him great, you know? And I enjoy not having all my stories be dependent on the title and also, just having more storylines out there for the women so everything for the women almost always involves the title and a lot of the men have non-title storylines all the time and so, I am happy to take some non-title storylines to just give more storylines to the women total, you know? But, I like it.” (POST Wrestling)

She also adds that her favorite match since returning was the “I Quit” Match against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash.

“Honestly, I think it was the ‘I Quit’ match with Charlotte [Flair that is my favorite match from my comeback to WWE thus far] because I got to bust out the double kendo sticks and act like I was a jedi which, I can’t believe they let me do that [Rousey laughed]. That was 100 percent my idea.”

Rousey currently had her storyline suspension lifted in a segment on the most recent SmackDown episode. She would go on to attack WWE Official Adam Pearce during the segment.

What are your thoughts on the current booking of Ronda Rousey? Discuss below.

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