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Rosita Discusses Connection with Father Through Wrestling

TNA Knockout Rosita, real name Thea Trinidad, is the subject of a new article in the Orlando Sentinel, a local paper where TNA tapes its shows.

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The article is about tonight’s “Children of 9/11” show which will feature Rosita discussing losing her father during the attack on the World Trade Center.

The piece describes some of the scenes in tonight’s documentary which airs at 10pm on NBC:

Michael A. Trinidad was working as a telecommunications analyst when the first plane rammed into the World Trade Center. Minutes later, the phone in Queens rang.

“He says, ‘I’m calling to say goodbye,’ ” recalled Thea’s mother, Monique, in “Children of 9/11,” an hourlong special that airs at 10 p.m. Monday on NBC (WESH-Channel 2).

“And I immediately said, ‘Well, where are you going?’ ” Thea was at home because of a doctor’s appointment and witnessed the exchange. Her father was 33.

Rosita shares that she and her father bonded through a love of wrestling. Her father was an amateur wrestler in high school.

“I use wrestling as my connection with my dad because that’s something that me and him shared.”

“Me, I sit there. And I pray to my dad and hope that he gives me good luck,” she said.” I want to show people that my biggest inspiration was taken from me physically, but he will never leave me emotionally and spiritually.”

Watch Rosita on “Children of 9/11” tonight at 10pm on NBC.

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