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Rousey Challenges Baszler For Match At SummerSlam


On the July 17 episode of Raw, Ronda Rousey challenged her former best friend Shayna Baszler to a match at SummerSlam.

The segment came after Baszler defeated Nikki Cross in about five seconds. Rousey called out Baszler after the match as she was in the upper part of the arena. Rousey continued the talk about how she used the back door to get into WWE while Baszler used the front. The difference is that per Rousey she got thrown to the wolves with little to no training and within a year became a future Hall of Famer.

Baszler responds by saying that she is a better version of Rousey. She wanted to fight Rousey right there but the Baddest Woman on the Planet declined. Rousey does want to see Baszler at SummerSlam tho. This way Baszler can actually be booked on SummerSlam according to Rousey.

Also on this week’s Raw, Maxxine Dupri was speared threw a table by Valhalla. During the Viking Rules match between Alpha Academy and the Viking Raiders, Dupri landed a crossbody on Valhalla and got her letterman jacket back. Valhalla didn’t take this lightly and speared Dupri threw a table sitting in the corner. The Viking Raiders would go on the win the match.

On Miz TV, he hosted Becky Lynch and talked about her downward spiral. He reminded her that she has lost to Trish Stratus, then lost Money in the Bank, and most recently lost to Zoey Stark last week.

Lynch wanted to cut to the chase and yelled at The Miz to just bring out Stratus and Stark. To which he did. Lynch wants another match with Stratus but Stratus doesn’t feel she has to honor that as she has already defeated her. Finally after Lynch made Stratus agree to another match, Stratus says in order for Lynch to get that she has to defeat Stark next week.

We also crowned new Women’s Tag Team Champions which you can read about here.