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Ruby Riott informs Ronda Rousey to not overlook her

A lot is happening at the top of the RAW women’s division leading up to WrestleMania in April. Ronda Rousey is sitting at the top of the roster as champion. Becky Lynch won the Royal Rumble match giving her a title shot against the champion at WrestleMania, but Lynch’s opportunity quickly dissolved on last night’s RAW when Vince McMahon “suspended” Lynch for 60 days. She was subsequently replaced in the match with Charlotte Flair.

Prior to the change, the current number one contender, Ruby Riott, had something to say about the landscape of the upcoming match at the biggest event of the year.

WWE posted a video to their Twitter account featuring a disgruntled Riott. She was announced over the weekend as Rousey’s opponent for the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view title match. Although, this is a huge opportunity for her, no one is talking about what is right around the corner, but instead focusing on the future. Other than a brief mention on RAW in regards to this match, Riott is feeling like an afterthought.

Still, Riott continues with confidence that she will become Raw Women’s Champion as she promises to walk out of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view as champion.

“Ronda, you’ve overlooked me. The WWE Universe has overlooked me. It’s the biggest mistake you’ll ever make, because in the same building that The Riott Squad debuted, is the same building we’re all going to walk out champions.”R

After RAW went off the air last night, Riott was still unhappy that the attention wasn’t on her. In a exclusive, Rousey and Lynch continued to argue after the show ended. The Riott Squad made their way out to the ring.

Riott quickly let Rousey know that she should be paying attention to what comes first and that is Riott herself. Rousey and Lynch teamed up to deposit Riott out of the ring and lock their submissions in on Logan and Morgan.

What do you think about Riott’s promo and post-show segment? Does it help further her momentum, or does more to stifle it? Let us know in the comments.

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