Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Sad Rosa Mendes Update

More shocking news has been revealed regarding WWE Diva Rosa Mendes, real name Milena Roucka, who we reported earlier this week had reported to police an alleged assault by her fiancé Andy Slocum, aka former WWE talent Jackson Andrews.

TMZ is reporting that another woman is claiming to have also been engaged to Slocum and received a shock upon hearing about the alleged assault when news broke on Monday.

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Amber Stovall tells TMZ that she has been dating Slocum for four and a half years and that they are also engaged.

The pair even shared a home in Houston, Texas, while Slocum also shared a home with the WWE Diva in Las Vegas, where the alleged assault took place.

Stovall tells the site: “I was not aware of his double life with Rosa. I’m incredibly angry and I feel betrayed.”

The other fianceé adds, however, that Slocum was never abusive towards her.

Read the full story here.

Thoughts: A real sad twist to this already horrible story. My heart goes out to Rosa.

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