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Sarah Logan & Lita Surprise Liv Morgan On WWE’s The Bump

The new SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan is LIVing her best life in her first week as champion and she joins this week’s The Bump to talk about it. During the broadcast, two women influential in Morgan’s career appeared to congratulate the new champion and give some kind words. Those women were Morgan’s former tag team partner & best friend Sarah Logan and WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

First, Logan appeared via zoom call. Logan says that she was tremendously proud of what Morgan has accomplished. She adds that the promo that Morgan had on Raw is exactly who she is and she meant what she had to say. According to Logan, her best friend has a hard time explaining to people how grateful for she is but she deserves this.

Later on in the episode, host Kayla Braxton says there is time for one more guest and that was Lita. A childhood hero for Morgan. Lita says that she loved seeing Morgan win MITB and then the championship. She says that she knows Morgan believes in herself but just like her, there are times when she didn’t feel like she could win the championship but she did it. Lita adds that she was happy for Morgan to just win MITB but for her to win the SmackDown Women’s Title she was overjoyed. You can view her message below and the Tweet that Lita sent out when Morgan won.

Morgan also threw a little shade during her appearance. She was asked what she brings to the SmackDown Women’s Championship that previous title holders didn’t. Most specifically, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. Morgan’s response – “The people want me to be champion.”

For the full episode, you can view it below –

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