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Sarray impressive with a victory in her NXT debut; Kai vs. Martinez set for next week


The Warrior of the Sun has officially wrestled her first match in NXT.

Sarray is victorious in her first match for the brand. The highly anticipated match landed her across the ring from Zoey Stark. Stark has been impressive since joining the brand herself so this match-up already had the potential to be a good one and it did not disappoint. She puts away her first opponent with a spinning heel kick under the jaw, connecting with a forearm, and hitting a suplex to get the pin.

After the match, both Sarray and Stark showed excellent sportsmanship. Sarray helped up Stark who then raised her arm in victory. As Stark was making her way up the ramp she was attacked by Toni Storm. Stark defeated Storm on the pre-show of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver and it is clear that taking that loss isn’t sitting well with Storm. Sarray went over to help Stark and to prevent any further attack from Storm.

This was the only women’s match on the show this week but there were many women throughout the show. NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez was being interviewed and was asked about all of the eyes that have been fixated on her now that she is champion. She said to line all the challengers up and she will defeat them all until there is no one left standing.

Kai then focused on Martinez who called out Gonzalez last week. Martinez answered later on in the night and said she would go through Kai first so that there will be no one in her way to get to Gonzalez and the gold.

As for the former NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai, she had a sit-down interview with Beth Phoenix about her title reign and recent loss and what she sees for her future. They discussed the match from Stand & Deliver which led to Shirai saying that when the time is right she will get her rematch.

Phoenix asked her what was next in the meantime. Shirai says her body needs rest in order to face Gonzalez again. As she tries to explain possible time away from the ring, Franky Monet entered with her dog. Monet introduced herself to Shirai and says that she is such a fan of Phoenix who she has been watching since she was a kid.

Monet adds that she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but since Shirai is going to take some time off that she could fill her shoes as the top woman of the NXT women’s division. Shirai responds in Japanese and after Monet says she doesn’t understand Shirai says that she likes cats.

Lastly, we have The Way. Early in the night, Dexter Lumis took on LA Knight and Indi Hartwell appeared behind the barricade. This distracted Lumis to the point that he suffered a loss. Hartwell then tried to console him and get her kiss but The Way came and grabbed her off the apron and took her away from the situation.

Throughout the night Hartwell continued to be preoccupied with the thought of Lumis. Candice LeRae told her that she really needs to get focused and stop being distracted by boys. They need to focus on the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles. Not knowing that Hartwell had left her, LeRae was approached by the champions Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. Once LeRae realized that Hartwell was no longer by her side, the tag champs attacked her and pulled her into the bathroom.

After being attacked, a disheveled LeRae would join her husband Johnny Gargano along with Austin Theory backstage. Theory was discussing a match that he was able to get booked in. They asked what happened to LeRae but she didn’t answer as Hartwell joined her stablemates. Hartwell says she ran into William Regal and was able to get them a tag team title match. Everyone but LeRae seemed thrilled by that announcement as she is left by herself.

What did you think of Sarray’s debut match against Stark? How about everything else that transpired for the women of the brand this week? Leave your thoughts below.