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Sasha Banks may be removed from her match on RAW *Update*

Update: It has been announced officially by WWE that Charlotte Flair will be replacing Sasha Banks in the match tonight. They list Banks as being sidelined due to her injury.

As previously reported and advertised by WWE the plan is to have Sasha Banks face RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch on tonight’s edition of RAW. The winner of this match has huge implications as they will win the first draft pick for their brand.

As of Friday Night Smackdown on the first night of the draft, Lynch is staying on RAW and Banks was drafted to SmackDown. There are now new rumors that Banks will actually be pulled from this match and be replaced by Charlotte Flair.

As of now, Flair is still a SmackDown talent, however, she will be eligible from the draft pool on tonight’s RAW. Her recent loss to Bayley costing her the SmackDown Women’s Championship leads many to believe she will be drafted to RAW as a result.

Credit: WWE

There is also the injury reports for Banks that have been circulating as well. As of the most recent report, her injury was to her tailbone from her match at Hell in a Cell. It has been unclear of how severe her injury actually is. What is causing the rumor of Banks being removed from the match on tonight’s RAW is how it is being advertised on television providers.

WWE is currently still advertising the match tonight as Banks vs. Lynch. They are reporting this still on their website as well as their social media. Certain television guide previews are the ones saying Flair will be in the match and not Banks. This may either be an error on their parts or maybe that is the case and WWE is keeping it advertised as Banks until right before the match starts.

Check back with Diva Dirt for the full live coverage of RAW tonight at 8 p.m. ET for the outcome of this match and the second night of the draft.

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