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Satomura Accepts Ivy Nile’s Title Challenge on NXT UK

Fresh off her victory against Nina Samuels last week, Ivy Nile wants to continue her takeover of NXT UK.

Boldly knocking and entering Meiko Satomura’s locker room, much to the annoyance of Satomura’s protege Emilia McKenzie. The Pitbull shows our NXT UK Champion the appropriate respect and asks for a title match. Meiko has said before that one just needs to ask to receive a title shot so she readily accepts the challenge. This will be Ivy Nile’s first championship opportunity and her current undefeated singles streak certainly gives her momentum.

Since her debut, Eliza Alexander has joined Xia Brookside in tormenting Amale and now Angel Hayze, with both having defeated the latter in singles action. After making the save a few weeks ago, the French Hope aligns with Angel Hayze to face off against the new mean girls of NXT UK.

The match sold Amale’s thirst for vengeance as she repeatedly tried to get Eliza in the ring to face her. All four ladies were impressive, each getting their own bursts of offence in and showcasing some of their own tag team moves. Soon, Angel gets isolated and a hot tag is built up and we finally see Amale and Eliza collide.

With the UK crowd behind her, Amale hits a flurry of moves, taking down both of her opponents before tagging Angel back in. The numbers game comes into play for Angel who, while the ref is distracted by Amale and Xia, gets clocked with a vicious knee from Eliza before Xia hits Broken Wings for the three count.

An enraged Amale makes it clear she is not finished with the duo but the two leave the arena with the win and the momentum.

In a confrontation that’s been brewing since the arrival of the NXT 2.0 stars, we will finally see Lash Legend go one on one with Emilia McKenzie next week. In a backstage segment, Lash is asked about the match but she barely gets a sentence out before Emilia appears and goes after her opponent. The two are held apart to end the segment, left to settle their differences in the ring.

Authors Take –

I was ecstatic to see some continuation of the Amale vs Eliza/Xia storyline, Angel has been a welcome addition as well to keep Amale looking strong. The coming match of Amale vs Eliza Alexander is sure to be solid. Her debut on NXT UK is the first I’ve known Eliza and I am fast becoming a fan.

Ivy gunning for the championship is a natural progression for her, given her win/loss record and the backing from the NXT Universe. I do appreciate the respect she shows Meiko in asking for the match and had to let out a small laugh when she completely ignored Emilia.

Speaking of Emilia, she has had several run-ins with Lash since she has arrived at the BT Sports studio but it felt like she was the aggressor in this backstage segment. I hope she carries this fire into her match and gives Lash one of her best matches to date.

We will keep you updated on when Ivy vs Meiko will happen. What do you think of the upcoming Lash vs Emilia match? As always, sound off in the comments!

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