Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Serena Deeb & Tay Conti victorious in first-ever team up; Jade Cargill impresses film executive on AEW Dark: Elevation

AEW Dark: Elevation offered up three women’s matches, which featured a first-ever tag team and an AEW debut.

The first women’s match of the night was Hikaru Shida vs Dulce Tormenta.

Tormenta made her debut against the longest-reigning AEW champion in history, Shida. No pressure there then.

The match was decent enough with Shida having the majority of the offence. Tormenta did manage to get a few licks in and even hit Shida with a modified Indian Death Lock into a pinning predicament, but Shida escaped.

Shida dodged Tormenta’s oncoming attack before dropping her with a knee, followed by Katana for the win.

Next up we head backstage for an exclusive meeting with the head of film and television at Activist Artist Management and Jade Cargill. The executive sees a place for Cargill in Hollywood, especially in the superhero/action genre. Both Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling are pleased with the meeting and the weird and awkward segment ends with smiles all around.

The following match was Red Velvet taking on Julia Hart. It was an ok outing as Hart is still very green. They started with a sequence of arm-wringers and athletic counters. An exchange of strikes followed before Hart hit a Jawbreaker and standing Moonsault for a two-count.

Velvet takes out Pillman with a Suicide Dive, Hart returns the favour with a splash for another two-count. Velvet then took out Hart with a kind of axe kick neck breaker for the win.

The third and final women’s match was the new duo of Serena Deeb and Tay Conti against Vertvixen and Jazmine Allure.

This was easily the best women’s match of the night. Conti’s energy is infectious and she worked the crowd excellently. She burst into action taking Vertvixen for a ride with pinfall attempts, armbars and Judo throws galore. A dastardly hair pull changed the tide briefly until a nice back-kick swung the favour back to Conti.

Deeb in next and she continued the mean streak she had employed since her return from injury. She locks in a Serenity Lock on Allure and Vertvixan attempts to interfere, but a boot to the stomach and a Northern Lights suplex takes out both opponents and sends the crowd wild. Deeb then killed Allure’s knee before a synching in a nasty half crab for the submission victory.

Serena Deeb and Tay Conti
Credit: AEW

Well, that’s it for another week of AEW Dark: Elevation. What did you make of what went down? Let us know in the comments below.

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