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Several former WWE talents are now free agents

September 1st not only signalled the beginning of a new month but a new beginning for several former WWE Superstars.

WWE released Lana, Ruby Riott (Soho) and Santana Garrett, among others on June 2nd. Since then they have been waiting for their 90-day non-compete clause to end.

During this time Ruby Soho turned heads with her excellently shot vignettes, which shows her journey to her next yet undisclosed wrestling destination.

The expiration of the clause comes at an exciting time in wrestling. IMPACT! Wrestling is continually expanding their roster, NWA is coming off the back of the hugely successful Empowerrr, and AEW’s huge pay-per-view All Out takes place this weekend.

The event takes place in Chicago and features the Women’s Casino Battle Royale. Originally scheduled to happen on the Buy In, the match is now on the main card.

The match features 21 women all vying for the opportunity to challenge for the AEW Women’s World Championship. 16 of the positions are now taken meaning there are 5 remaining spots, which all three women could potentially fill.

Speculation around Soho especially appearing as the “Joker” has been rife for months. TNT Champion, Miro has mentioned his wife (Lana) several times in his recent promos and Garrett would be an excellent addition to the match if it were to happen.

What do you make of the talent’s free-agent status and where would you like to see them appear? Let us know in the comments below.

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