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Sexy Star goes after Mariposa on this week’s Lucha Underground

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This week’s Lucha Underground further explored the blooming triangle between Catrina, Mil Muertes, and Jeremiah Crane. Elsewhere Sexy Star is confronted by a familiar enemy and rekindles a feud.

First up is a match between Mil Muertes, accompanied by the Mistress of the Macabre, and Jeremiah.

The match ends in Jeremiah’s favor after Prince Puma runs in with a kendo stick to attack Mil while the ref was distracted with Catrina. After the match, Puma beat down Mil and then bowed towards Vampiro. Being resurrected by Vampiro, Puma is now his disciple. Now that Jeremian won and Puma is after her man too, what does this mean for Catrina moving forward?

After the match a Johnny Mundo fan approaches Sexy.

He tells her that he thinks it’s awesome she was the first female Lucha Underground Champion. However, Johnny is the best so she shouldn’t feel bad for her losses. He gives her a gift with her name on that was just “laying around.” She opens it to find another spider!

Later on, She barges into Dario Cueto’s office demanding a match with Mariposa next week. Dario agrees and makes the match.

Catch the rest of the episode’s highlights below:

Lucha Underground airs Wednesdays on the El Rey Network. Episodes can also be purchased on iTunes.

What did you think of Wednesday’s episode? Is Mariposa still stalking Sexy or is it someone else? Sound off in the comments below.

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