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Sexy Star will fight Johnny Mundo in a steel cage for the Lucha Underground Championship

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Tonight on Lucha Underground Sexy Star beat PJ Black for a rematch with Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship. The match will take place in a steel cage. This will make Sexy the first female competitor to be granted such a stipulation.

The match was made with PJ under certain conditions, if Sexy won she’d fight Johnny with Worldwide Underground barred from ringside as the two would fight in a steel cage.

But, if PJ got the best of Sexy, then she wouldn’t be able to contest for the top prize ever again.

In a match that saw PJ match Sexy at every turn with power moves and submissions, Sexy was able to overcome. Sexy tried different variations of hurricanrana’s, headscissors, and submissions but was out maneuvered every time. Towards the end of the bout Jack Evans attempted to interfere but Sexy was able to capitalize on the chaos with a quick pin to earn the rematch.

Tonight’s episode also began The Battle of the Bulls Tournament to determine Johnny’s first challenger. While Sexy remains guaranteed a shot at the title, the date of the cage match is still to be determined at this time.

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