Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Shayna Baszler Wants Top Gold After She Defeats Rousey

Shayna Baszler is ready to fight Ronda Rousey at this year’s SummerSlam on Aug. 5. The two former best friends have been locked in a rivalry ever since Baszler turned on Rousey and cost them the tag team titles.

Baszler is ready to run through Rousey and then go straight to the top and finally win singles gold in her main roster career. She told News 18 the following about her championship goals.

“Once I take care of Ronda Rousey, and I called for it to a fight. So I’m gonna beat Ronda Rousey at what she’s the best in the world at. I think everyone’s head has to look in my direction after that. So whether that happens in, you know, a month or a year, I think that’s the eventual path that happens.” (Fightful)

Singles gold has been a mystery for Baszler as she hasn’t been champion on the main roster since her debut from NXT in 2020. She has made history in NXT as the longest combined day NXT Women’s Champion in history with two reigns.

Baszler has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on three different occasions. She holds a record there as well with the longest combined days with Nia Jax.

What do you think of Baszler becoming a singles champion on the main roster? Is it overdue?

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