Monday, December 4, 2023

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(S)he Was Turned to Steel in the Great Magnetic Field

Okay, so Lilian Garcia‘s new photoshoot may be called “Pretty in Platinum”, but I’m more intrigued by her steely surroundings. Her rock-n-roll ensemble, draping her in dark shades of black and gray, is complimented by the steel walls and grommets making up the background. If there was a more appropriate setting for her “rocker” image, I don’t know what it is. It sort of reminds me of Lita‘s “Divas Do New York” photoshoot where she was in this industrialized-looking setting, looking all grungy. She and Lilian are going for a similar look (although Lita’s more of the “punk” variety while Lilian’s more “glam”), so I think it’s a fair comparison. Though, she may be a bit too smiley. It’s hard to project a “tough” look when grinning from ear to ear, unless you’re looking manic while doing so (hey, Natalya).

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