Monday, March 4, 2024

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Trish’s Fighting Words for Beth & Natalya

Despite being two years retired, Trish Stratus can’t help but check in with her alma mater, the WWE, every now and again. This time in an interview with, she talks about her travel series Stratusphere. However, more interestingly she mentions two tough Divas who joined the Divas lockerroom since she departed in ’06.

As for plans to return to the ring, Stratus doesn’t plan to shtut the door on that idea any time soon.

“I’ve heard that Beth Phoenix and this new Diva Natalya have talked [trash] about me,” says Stratus with a gleam in her penetrating eyes. “I’ve said it before, but if they ever decided to call me out, I wouldn’t hesitate to step into the ring.”

If you ask me, Beth is kind of overrated. It’s Trish vs Natalya that I really want to see. Especially given their Canadian roots, being the top Canadian Diva is pretty much a birth-right for Natalya given her family lineage however Trish is almost like the People’s Princess. It would make one hell of a match and/or storyline.

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