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Shotzi Gets Second Chance For MITB; Flair And Belair Come Face-to-Face

On the June 16 episode of SmackDown, Shotzi talked her way into a second chance to enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This came after IYO SKY suffered a loss to Zelina Vega.

SKY took on Vega in singles action with Bayley by ringside. The finals moment of the match had Bayley causing a distraction which had the referees attention. SKY had Vega pin for more than 3 seconds but the official didn’t see it. Vega would then get the pin for herself.

Post-match, SKY and Bayley argue about the match result. Backstage they are still in discussion about what transpired as well as the upcoming Money in the Bank match. Shotzi appeared and blamed Bayley for ruining her chance at getting into that match. She challenges Bayley for next week that if Shotzi wins she will replace Bayley. Before Bayley could say much, SKY accepted the match on her behalf.

A mixed tag team match took place as Michin and AJ Styles took on Scarlett and Karrion Kross. This was very short match most likely due to a time situation. After Michin and Scarlett took each other out on the outside, Kross was able to pin Styles.

During the Grayson Waller Effect segment, he welcomed 14-time champion Charlotte Flair. Right before this we saw Bianca Belair in Adam Pearce’s office questioning about her rematch with Asuka. Pearce let her know that he is still figuring it out and she won’t have an answer tonight. This caused Belair to take matters in her own hand.

Belair came out to confront Flair for what she feels is skipping the line. Flair made a compeling argument that she never got her rematch on Rhea Ripley, so technically she is due for one. Belair could see that point, but unlike herself who stayed after she lost, Flair left for several months.

Flair continues to say whether in victory or defeat she has picked herself up 14 times. She is a champion with or without a title but is Belair? Belair exclaims that she is the longest reigning women’s champion of the modern era and didn’t need to do it 14 times.

Belair says she will be at ringside for Asuka and Flair’s match in two weeks. And whoever wins, Belair will step in the ring and claim her shot.

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