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Slammiversary Discussion Post

Tonight at Slammiversary, Madison Rayne challenges Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship:

This Sunday the Knockouts Title will hang in the balance as Su Yung defends her coveted Championship against a 5x Knockouts Champion in Madison Rayne. Su has started the mind games and the question now is, can Madison Rayne recover in time for Sunday?

The Knockouts Championship is the prized possession in a Division that really cemented itself early on as the place to be for a female wrestler. The Knockouts have more than once been the Main Event of IMPACT Wrestling and have more than once stolen the show on a Pay Per View.

The time for talk is overcome Sunday and we will see if the tactics of Su Yung will have disturbed Madison Rayne enough or if Madison Rayne’s focus will remain strong. The anticipation has grown, the energy is starting to pick up and these two Knockouts will do battle on Sunday. The question is, who will leave with the title?

Also set for tonight is a match-up between Tessa Blanchard and Allie:

Pretend you have a crystal ball and you can look into the future. Who has a brighter life ahead of them in IMPACT Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard or Allie? We should get our answer when they clash on Sunday at Slammiversary. Make no mistake about this match, it is very important. The winner will not earn a championship, but they might win much more if their hand is raised at the conclusion of this match.

Allie is a 2x Knockouts Champion, she found her way despite being different, despite being an outcast. Allie was nice. Nice doesn’t do much in wrestling. It is those who aren’t afraid to step on toes who usually succeed in our world. There is only room at the top for so many and Allie was looking for friends, it took the demise of her best friend to wake Allie up in IMPACT.

Tessa Blanchard didn’t need extra motivation, she is mean. She doesn’t care that she is mean and she is unapologetic about her attitude. Tessa is different. Tessa might just be the future.

So it all goes back to who is willing to do the work and perhaps celebrate alone. They say being at the top is lonely and we don’t think Tessa minds that loneliness at all, she would be comforted by holding the Knockouts Title and sleep just fine at night. Can the same be said for Allie?

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