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Smackdown 08/14/18: SummerSlam Is Ready For A Triple Threat

Here we have it folks, the last Smackdown before the biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam, is completed. With two matches from Smackdown on the card for the upcoming PPV they both were discussed during this “go home” episode. Carmella has been the Smackdown Women’s Champion since she cashed in her Money in the Bank contract on Charlotte Flair, just two days after WrestleMania. She has been champion for just over four months, and some may argue that her time may come to an end on Sunday. She will defend her title in a triple threat match against the woman she cashed in on, Flair, as well as Flair’s best tea buddy, Becky Lynch.

This Smackdown episode opened with the women. Actually, the women covered almost the first 30 minutes of the show, which is great! The three participants for the title match made their way out. The preview showed that the these three women would have a face, to face, to face segment to start the show. Carmella starts off the segment with her disgust to even have to participate in this discussion with her two competitors. She states that she is tired of their faces and of being punished for being such an amazing champion.

Carmella then goes on to do what she does best and that is gloating that she is champion. She focuses a lot on Lynch and continues to get into her head that she will have to square off against her best friend, Flair. Lynch admits to everyone that she isn’t thrilled that Flair is in the match. Lynch states that she only isn’t thrilled because Flair is an incredible athlete. In fact, anyone in a match against Flair has a decrease in their odds of winning, according to Lynch. She continues by sharing that she originally had a dream about dismantling Carmella; however, once Flair was added to the title match, her dream had to change. Her dream evolved from not only defeating Carmella but defeating Flair now as well.

Carmella took back the attention of the crowd and asked if Lynch knew how hard it was beat Flair. After all, Carmella did beat her twice, right? Just in case someone forgot. Carmella attempts to get the crowd involved in celebrating Flair’s achievements. Flair decides to stop the charade as she has heard enough from Carmella. Flair, who is angered at Carmella’s tomfoolery, calls her out for needing James Ellsworth to help her beat Asuka, and has to constantly cheat to win. Flair asks the champion a valid question though, how can she expect any respect from the fans? She then calls Carmella a “Diva” living in a women’s world. Carmella does a little gloating that she is a Diva and that she has way more to offer then both Flair and Lynch.

General Manager Paige interrupts the fun by adding her two cents into the situation. She announces a tag team match to start immediately. She instructs Carmella to take a seat at the announce table to commentate the match and follows that by introducing Flair and Lynch’s opponents. Mandy Rose makes her way out, followed by Sonya Deville. Paige chose her former Absolution members to be in this match, based off of Rose’s twitter post showing her distaste for the GM’s choices as of late.

The match starts with Deville and Flair in the ring. The crowd is hyped up and starts “Let’s go Charlotte!” chants. Both women compete with a lot of back and forth action. Neither woman is able to gain the advantage on each other until Flair starts the chops and backs Deville into the corner. Carmella on commentary explains that the chops from Flair do hurt and she will give her that much credit. Flair then tags in Lynch, as she has Deville in their corner. Lynch attempts to take quick advantage on Deville as she hits her with several leg drops. After a quick pin attempt, Deville is able to kick out and make the tag to Rose.

The match continues with neither team able to gain much advantage over the other. Rose ends up countering out of a suplex attempt from Lynch. Rose does grab the hair of both her opponents throughout the match to gain momentum. She was able to counter out of a Bexploder by grabbing the back of Lynch’s hair. Throughout the match, Carmella was arguing with Byron Saxton. Saxton was pointing out that Carmella has cheated to win and retain her title. Carmella kept telling Saxton that she was no longer going to speak to him.

Later on in the match, Lynch capitalizes on Deville to gain momentum for her team by rocking an enziguri. Deville was able to get the tag to Rose who came into the match who then attempted to take out Flair on the ring apron but missed. Lynch fires back on Rose with several clotheslines to gain momentum. Deville attempts to help her partner, but Lynch kicks her out of the ring. After a surprise roll-up from Rose does not give her the pin, Lynch locks in the Dis-Arm-Her for the win. After the match, it ended much like last week did, Carmella perched herself on the top of the announcers’ table. She raised her title and traded words between Lynch and Flair who were still in the ring.

Sadly, the tag team match was the only women’s match of the night, however, there was a confrontation between Lana and Zelina Vega hyping up their mixed tag match for the SummerSlam Kickoff show.

This confrontation occurred after the Aiden English versus Andrade “Cien” Almas match. English was attempting to gain some retribution on Almas, as he has been causing Lana and Rusev to lose their matches against Vega and Almas in recent weeks. English ended up not winning his match against Almas.

After the match, Vega made her way into the ring to address both Rusev and Lana. She heckled the WWE Universe for liking catchphrases and made-up holidays. She has vowed to end Lana day once and for all. She continued to explain that she will expose Lana for what she really is and that is dead weight that is dragging down her husband. Rusev’s music hits and the married couple come out to the stage. Rusev states that Vega will soon learn why “Lana is the best, Lana number one”, while Lana vows to crush Vega. The power couple rejoice by yelling that SummerSlam is happening on RUSEV DAY!

Thoughts: I enjoyed the Mandy/Sonya vs Becky/Charlotte match way more than the IIconics match against Becky/Charlotte last week. I think Mandy and Sonya have become a great tag team, and I just wish they would get some wins. I love the IIconics as well, but I think their matches have been one sided. What I mean by one sided, is I feel with Mandy/Sonya they may just win. With the IIconics, I just expect them to lose every time.

Carmella did a great job with the face to face to face segment at the beginning of the show. She may not have Vickie Guerrero level boos but she does receive good heat from the audience. I am predicting either her retaining or Lynch winning at SummerSlam. I don’t see Flair getting it, but then again, I didn’t see Bliss winning the MITB and then the title either.

I am still over the moon for the Lana and Zelina feud. Zelina’s mic work is reminding me of Aj Lee, it is that good. I hope Lana and Rusev pick up the win on the kick off show so that the feud can continue. I think since Zelina has two wins over Lana, her winning the third may just stop the feud.

I hope everyone enjoys Takeover and SummerSlam this weekend!

Who are your picks to win this weekend at SummerSlam? How did you like this weeks Smackdown? Do you also wish Naomi would be used? Sound off in the comments below!

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