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SmackDown Redux (August 6th, 2010): “Oopsie!”

Last week, Teddy Long ordered Lay-Cool to decide between them who would be Women’s Champion, citing there was only room for one title holder in the SmackDown women’s division. Well, this week, we found out whether it would be Layla or Michelle McCool that would hold the gold. Or did we? Tune in…

Lay-Cool enter Teddy’s office to find Rosa Mendes in her obligatory useless appearance of the week. Michelle shoos her away and we get down to business.

Michelle and Layla try to protest Teddy’s decision but ultimately, their efforts are futile. They argue over who should relinquish their belt and it’s Michelle who eventually does, telling Layla, “You owe me!”

Teddy then makes them decide which of them will wear the sole Women’s Title and another argument breaks out. “There’s no Lay-Cool without Cool,” argues Michelle. “I’m Lay!” fights back Layla.

Michelle shows who wears the pants in this duo saying, “I did all the work. I got you here!” Layla, rather funnily, retorts, “I know!”

Michelle tries to grab the title from Layla, who has a firm grip on it, and the pair end up breaking the belt in half. “OOPSIE!”

Figuring out a loophole to Teddy’s ultimatum, Layla exclaims: “See Teddy, there’s still just one Women’s Title!”

As always, Layla’s childish whining in this segment had me rolling. I find her charming to watch. ♥

Michelle asserting her dominance over Layla, telling her that she pretty much brought her to the dance, shows where things may be headed in a couple of months. It’ll be interesting to see if they play that up going forward.

In all, it looks like Lay-Cool’s co-Women’s Championship reign isn’t ready to end. It’ll be funny watching them walk around with half a belt, which is where this seems to be going.

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