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SmackDown Redux (December 17th, 2010): Natalya and Beth Send A Message

With TLC just mere days away, the Divas of the WWE were getting into the pay-per-view spirit on this Friday’s rendition of SmackDown. Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, and Diva’s Champion, Natalya, put together a nice little segment that built up their Sunday night showdown pretty darn well. Elsewhere, Kelly Kelly found a new potential soulmate in the form of a six foot six, dreamy blue eyed Scottish lad by the name of Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately for Drew, Kaitlyn the cockblocker showed up and ruined his chances of scoring a date with the WWE’s Barbie girl, but there’s always next week, right?!

Lay-Cool were walking to the ring when SmackDown returned from a commercial break, which set up the most important part of the show in my humble opinion. The two-time Slammy award winning duo were dressed in matching outfits and wore matching expressions of irritation on their faces. They had microphones and Michelle started us off. She said that what we were witnessing was the official protest of the Diva’s tables match at TLC this Sunday. She said that the match was not going to happen and Layla said that the match was completely barbaric. Michelle agreed and then Layla asked the crowd who in their right mind would want to see them go through a table? The crowd cheered which did nothing but piss off Lay-Cool. Michelle began to rant that no one seemed to understand what “diva” was. She said the crowd knew nothing about it and that the girls in the back knew nothing about it as well. Layla spoke up and said that being diva meant being flawless, and both Michelle and Layla gestured to themselves. Michelle declared that the table match at TLC was off and they stood their ground as Natalya’s music starting blaring across the PA system.

Natalya walked out, with Beth, and they had something gift wrapped for Lay-Cool. It’s clearly a table and Lay-Cool aren’t really amused.  Beth and Nattie both have microphones and Nattie wanted to know when did Lay-Cool start making all the rules? Michelle and Layla replied that they run the show, and then Michelle told them that the tables match wasn’t Diva enough for them, but of course that Natalya and Beth could relate to that. Layla called it a man’s match and Michelle said that well if you look like a man and wrestle with them, then perhaps you belong somewhere else. She was referring to her opponents come Sunday, I’m sure. Lay-Cool tell them to go to the men’s division.

Beth finally spoke up and told Michelle that her jokes were getting pretty old and that she just wasn’t laughing. Michelle did not care and said that as long as she was laughing, that’s all that mattered. Beth acknowledged that and said she saw Lay-Cool laughing on two other occasions: when they put her out for six months and when they split the Women’s Championship in two. Beth said that come Sunday, herself and Natalya were going to make sure that Lay-Cool never laughed at them again.

Lay-Cool responded with a comedy routine that concluded in them smugly asking Nattie and Beth just how would they get Lay-Cool through that table. Natalya asked Beth to do the honors. Beth unwrapped the table which was bright pink and had the most hilarious drawing of Lay-Cool on it. Michelle and Layla spazzed out at seeing their caricatures and dramatic dropped their mics and Slammys. They charged Natalya and Beth, and the fight was on. Natalya beat the snot out of Michelle kicked her from the ring. Beth absolutely destroyed Layla, but she left her in the ring, which meant she was now at the mercy of Glamahart! They set the table up and scooped Layla up in the air. She started screaming bloody murder and thankfully for Lay, Cool slid into the ring and saved her. They rolled out of the ring and held on to each other for dear life. Natalya and Beth taunted the mess out of the girls until they ran from ringside, Michelle making sure to grab her Slammy on the way out.

Random Observations: Is it wrong that I completely loved the artsy pink table?!

This was a great lead-in to TLC for the match us Diva fans never thought we would see. I love the fact that Lay-Cool attempted to protest. They looked downright scared for their lives on Monday night after it was announced. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to see Beth and Nattie staring me down from across the ring. Couple that with the fact that they could potentially put me through a table… oh hell no. Lay-Cool seem to realize that this time they have bitten off more than they can chew. Their arrogance is slowly but surely catching up with them and come Sunday we could very well see everything come to a screeching halt.

This segment was everything I could have hoped for. The heels were understandably upset and pissy. When the faces came out with a table gift wrapped, they got even more annoyed. Their fates probably flashed before their eyes. Alright, that’s a bit dramatic but this segment is proof that matches aren’t always needed to establish the Divas. I love the fact that Beth brought up how Lay-Cool injured her six months ago. That’s storyline right there, folks. It’s the explanation to newer fans as to why Beth has suddenly started to team with Natalya. I love it. The anger and annoyance was written all Beth’s face and I love how she fought to keep her calm during her promo. She knows her time for revenge is coming and it’s coming Sunday at TLC. Loooooooove it so much.

In other SmackDown news…

In a segment apparently filmed “earlier in the week”, NXT season three winner, Kaitlyn, and Kelly Kelly were seen backstage in front of a make-up mirror. Kaitlyn congratulated Kelly on doing so well at the Slammys and she was appalled by the way Tyson Kidd had treated Kelly. Kelly just said that’s Tyson for you and before either of them couple speak again, former Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre walked up. He apologized for startling Kelly and said that had he’d been at the Slammys the other night, Tyson and his bodyguard would still be paying for what they had said to Kelly. Kelly said his comments were sweet but she wanted to know when they did they become friends? Drew said no better time than the present but Kelly was hesitant. She knows who he is and she’s seen what he can do in the ring. Drew shook his head. He said that the person in the ring is not the real Drew. That person in the ring fights for his life and he fights to win. He’s no different from anyone inside the squared circle. As far as the real Drew goes, he’s just a kid from a far away land who is looking to get to know Kelly better. He puts himself out there and asks Kelly what she thinks but before the blond bombshell can give him an answer, Kaitlyn inserts herself into the picture. She tells Drew that Kelly can’t go out that night because it’s girl’s night. Drew says of course it is but he gives Kelly another look and promises to see her some other time. He walks off and Kaitlyn and Kelly both just shake their head.

?Random Observations: First all, wasn’t Drew at the Slammys?!

Yikes. How bad was this?! I’m all for random WWE couples but please put two people together with some acting skills and chemistry. Drew and Kelly had about as much chemistry as a doorknob and a two by four… together. They were wooden, uninterested, and both just seemed to be reciting their lines. It would be such a horrible mistake for Drew to turn face. He wouldn’t really be believable as a face in my opinion. Partnering him with Kelly Kelly would just make him downright unlikeable. I sincerely hope this was just a one-time thing that the WWE is going to forget ever happened. The writing staff does this a lot so please, for the love of God, forget that you ever even entertained the notion of placing Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly in a storyline. Thank you so much.

As far as Kaitlyn goes, is she going to be the WWE’s new relationship wrecker? First Vickie/Dolph and now Drew/Kelly?! Guuuuuuuuuuuurl get your own man!

Overall, tonight was an extremely enjoyable SmackDown. It built on the storyline that Raw created and I’m actually excited for TLC. Not only does the entire card look good (…the only match was I was dreading now has Edge in it!) but this Diva’s match is mouth watering. I may just be in that good of a mood right now, but I have a feeling that the WWE is going to do right by this match. Striker made the comment during the broadcast that the Diva’s division is taking steps and now they’re going extreme. Could this be the beginning of consistent booking? Well if Santa can make Artie walk on Glee, then he damn sure can make the Divas respectable competitors and I’m looking forward to my Christmas miracle come Sunday. I so don’t need another reason to sing the lyrics to “Mr. Grinch!”

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