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SmackDown Redux (December 26th, 2014): Naomi Continues on Her Roll

Welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux, Diva fans! This week, the high-flying Naomi takes on Alicia Fox in singles action. Can the former Total Diva take out one of new additions, or will the Foxy One keep her winning streak alive? Check out the match below:

Unfortunately, the above video cuts in mid-match. Sorry!

We kick things off with both Divas in the ring, ready for action. The referee signals for the bell, and our match is underway! The Divas lock up and Naomi takes control with a side headlock takeover. Alicia countered with a headscissors, and Naomi nips up to escape, but eats a dropkick to the face. Alicia scrambles for the pin, but only gets a one count. Alicia whips Naomi across the ring, but Naomi leapfrogs her twice, uses her… um… assets for some very unique offense, and nails a leg lariat for a nearfall of her own.

While Naomi tries to keep in control, we see The Miz watching backstage (Um… Where is Mizdow?), cheering on his ‘close, personal friend. Naomi tries wearing Alicia with a submission, but Alicia fights her way out and levels her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another nearfall.

Frustrated, Alicia starts slamming Naomi’s face into the canvas, before slapping on a rear chokehold. Naomi tries to fight her way out, but Alicia grounds her once again with a beautiful Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Alicia throws her opponent over the top rope, but Naomi lands on her feet and lands a kick to the face, followed by a stunner over the top rope.

With Alicia reeling, Naomi goes on a flurry of offense, including a fantastic hurricanrana, but as she goes for the pin, Alicia reverses it and almost steals the win. Alicia whips Naomi across the ring once again, but Naomi turns the tables, sending Alicia into the turnbuckle. Alicia leaps to the top rope to evade a charging Naomi, but the former Funkadactyls has her scouted, and nails her with a enziguri. With the advantage at hand, Naomi hits a split-legged moonsault (RVD couldn’t even make it look that good) to pick up the win.

Thoughts: Several times on commentary we heard that Alicia and Naomi are probably the most athletically gifted Divas on the roster, and it’s hard to argue when you see them in the ring against each other. Although it was a short match, both girls were bringing their A-game in the little time they were allowed, so kudos for that.

While I’d love to say that Naomi is slowly, but surely making her way into the title picture in lieu of AJ, this blossoming love triangle between her, Jimmy Uso and The Miz is surely going to screw that up. I still don’t know where that is going and I still don’t care. Just give Naomi a title shot already, WWE!

Well, that all for this week, guys! Until next time… (Insert random, witty, AJ-on-commentary remark here)

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