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SmackDown Redux (December 5th, 2014): Naomi Receives a Gift and Takes a Win

Hello fellow Diva fans, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! After clashing on Monday Night Raw this week, Brie Bella (along with Nikki Bella) and Naomi go head to head in singles action on the blue brand. While Brie may have her sister at ringside for moral support, Naomi has a friend of her own, as her impromptu tag partner and former Divas Champion, AJ Lee is gracing us with her presence on commentary. Will Brie and Nikki work some Twin Magic to steal a win, or Naomi dance her way to victory?

Before the match even starts, we’re treated to a backstage segment featuring Naomi and her husband, Jimmy Uso. Naomi thanks Jimmy for the bouquet of flowers he sent her, only to find out that it came from The Miz. I’m praying that they aren’t working up to some sort of love triangle, because that just sounds awful to be honest. Naomi deserves better than this, WWE! Anyway, on to the match!

Naomi is out to the ring first, followed by Brie and Nikki, while AJ has made herself comfortable at the commentary booth, already throwing out one-liners like a pro. Nikki wastes no time finding a seat on the ring steps, directly in the view of AJ, so she can flash her newly acquired title. After a recap of last week’s events of SmackDown, the official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

The Divas lock up and trade signature moves, leading to Brie hitting a missile dropkick for the first nearfall of the match. Brie keeps the pressure on Naomi with a kneestrike to the gut, followed by her patented running knee against the ropes for yet another nearfall. Changing her approach, Brie locks in a submission, but Naomi fights her way out, but gets blasted by a flying clothesline from Brie for another nearfall.

Undeterred, Brie goes right back to her rear chinhold submission, but Naomi frees herself once again and unleashes a flurry of offense on her own. However, when she attempts her wheelbarrow stunner, Brie drops to the mat and pulls herself out of the ring (Nice save, Brie). Nikki runs over to check on her twin, and Naomi hits a baseball slide, taking them both out of commission.

Naomi throws Brie back into the ring and goes up to the top rope, but Nikki jumps onto the apron to cause a distraction. Luckily for Naomi, AJ leaves her post and makes the save, slamming Nikki’s face into the ring frame. Naomi uses the chaos to her advantage, leaping over Brie and rolling her up to get the win.

Thoughts: Great match from these two, even it was was largely unimportant storyline-wise, as the real story is about AJ and Nikki. I love that they kep some continuity from Monday night by booking Naomi vs Brie. As for the Divas Title, I think it’s obvious that it will be AJ vs. Nikki at TLC in some way, shape or form, but I would love to see some other Divas get into the mix. Make it a Triple Threat with Naomi, or even a Fatal Four-Way by adding Brie, if only to assure her sister’s victory. Just something, anything, to shake things up.

Well, that’s all for this week, guys! Until next time… “Hey! Don’t put your mouth on that!”

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