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SmackDown Redux (January 21st, 2016): Becky is Ready to Rumble

Hey guys! I first want to thank Erin for covering for me last week. Here is your SmackDown Redux for the final show before Sunday’s Royal Rumble! On Raw, Becky Lynch provoked Ric Flair into making his daughter Charlotte defend the Divas title at the Royal Rumble. How will the Lasskicker add to her huge momentum she’s had heading into this match. And what mind games will the Flairs play before the championship match? Let’s find out!

Becky’s in action as she makes her way to the ring before we head to a commercial break. After the break, we see The Flairs in the commentary booth to join the 3 man team for this match.

A GIFT FROM GOD, I mean, Mauro Ranallo takes us back to the challenge being made on RAW. And then, we see Alicia Fox in the ring. And the bell rings!

The two tie up and Becky gains control with a headlock, but Foxy quickly powers out. She knees Becky to the chest and sends her to the corner, Becky holds the rope to sail over the incoming Fox, and follows up with a drop toe hold.

Becky hits her signature series of leg drops. She goes for a cover, gets two and Foxy exits the ring. Becky tries to attack her outside the ring but meets the big boot from Foxy with a Northern Lights Suplex for good measure as Brie Bella cheers her on.

Foxy sends Becky to a corner in the ring and bodyslams the LassKicker. Foxy goes for the cover and only gets two. She then applies a hold but Becky quickly rolls out and hits a few strikes and then sends Foxy into the corner and smashes her with a forearm.

As Foxy leaves the corner, Becky gives her a Pumphandle Suplex. She goes for the cover, but only gets two. Foxy knees Becky and tries to hit another bodyslam, but Becky counters into the DisArmHer and makes Foxy tap out. Becky Lynch wins the match!

Thoughts: This story has been told so much better than most storylines in recent memory. I know we are supposed to be impartial but this feud has gotten me so excited all I can say is “Becky, SNATCH THE TITLE!” This match was a nice final piece of the puzzle of this mega feud between the former members of Team PCB. Becky has so much more energy in her matches, her promos have been top-notch, and the crowds are behind her.

Adding Ric Flair to the Charlotte character adds so much more dimension for her. She gets to be a conceited, entitled, brat and her attitude towards Becky has been great. I am a huge Charlotte fan, but she was starting to make me feel a little distain towards her, a great sign of her excellence in this role. This match didn’t need to be over ten minutes. It did exactly what it needed to do, have Becky looking strong before Sunday. This match set the stage for what I feel will be a great title match, dare I say, Takeover-esque.

I’ll see you next week for all the post Rumble drama on the Blue brand! Thanks for reading! x



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