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SmackDown Redux (May 16th, 2014): Nattie is So Nice, Nikki Beat Her Twice

Hello Diva fans, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! This week we’re treated to a rematch from Monday Night Raw (sans scorecards), as Nikki Bella clashes with Natalya once again (with Eva Marie as special guest referee) . Can Nattie finally get her revenge for Nikki’s comments about her painting? Check out the match below:

Before our Divas match, we are treated to a pretty cool video package on Divas Champion, Paige. Afterward, we cut to the ring with both Divas ready to go. Eva signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Nattie and Nikki start off with a quick display of chain wrestling, but it quickly turns into a brawl, causing Eva to interject. Natalya is back to her feet first, and grounds Nikki with a headlock takeover. Nikki fights out and goes for a  jack knife pin, but Nattie powers out and nails her with a discus clothesline for a one count. 

Nattie takes some time to talk smack, but gets blasted with a stiff forearm. The Divas trade strikes, but Nikki gets the better of her opponent with a sick jawbreaker off the knee for a nearfall.

Looking to put the veteran Diva away, Nikki whips Natalya to the corner and goes for a diving splash, but ends up eating the turnbuckle. Natalya takes advantage and locks in a surfboard submission, but Nikki reverses it for a nine count, picking up the win.

Thoughts: Not a bad match at all. I feel like Nikki and Natalya have fantastic chemistry and it’s really shown in their last two matches. So well done on their parts.

With the news of more Total Divas episodes, I’m not surprised to see more matches featuring the cast members and matches centered around the events of the show. I’m just grateful that it’s being kept separate from the championship storylines for now. I think WWE is finally realizing that Total Divas and the Divas division can exist in harmony, as opposed to sacrificing one for the other, which is fantastic.

Last, but not least: Eva Marie as a referee… Props to her for giving it her best shot, but no. Just… no.

That’s all this week, kiddies. Until next time: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!

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