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SmackDown Redux (October 29th, 2015): Nattie’s B.A.D. Halloween

Monday night on Raw, Paige revealed herself by attacking Charlotte and Becky Lynch after a loss from Team Bella and Summer Rae, with new beau Tyler Breeze, had V.I.P. seats. Let’s see what happens in this post-Hell in a Cell landscape for the Divas on SmackDown!

Our first appearance of the night was from everyone’s favorite pregnant Diva, Rosa Mendes!

She interviewed Dolph Ziggler this week about his Street Fight against The Miz before the show took place. (P.S. She is looking great!)

In addition we saw Summer Rae, who accompanied Tyler Breeze after he attacked Dolph Ziggler for the second week in a row:

Also, everyone’s favorite Sally Jessy Raphael, I mean, Renee Young, was dressed up as a fairy and was in a hilarious backstage segment with Bo Dallas:

Up next, we see the commentators talking about Paige’s attack on her PCB teammates and then we see Paige making her way to the ring from backstage before the break.

After the break, Paige is already in the ring and then (Queen) Nattie makes her way to ring as we see that Nattie has done a backstage pre-tape. The First-Ever Third Generation Divas says that  she may not have proof that Paige attacked her SmackDown weeks ago but it does not excuse her attacking everyone this past month. She uses the colloquialism “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” and makes sure that tonight Paige learns why you don’t stab your friends in the back.

As soon as the bell rings (maybe a little before), Paige kicks Nattie right in the face. She stomps Nattie a few times before we hear…..(wait for it) “THIS IS MY HOUSE!”

The referee is checking on Natalya as Paige gets her up to deliver a few headbutts followed by a nearfall pin attempt. Nattie tries to recover, but Paige kicks her right in the spine and we see a replay of the Superkick heard ’round the world. She whips Natalya into the corner and punches her in the mid-section and then follows up with a few stomps before the referee made the five-count. Paige tries to whip Nattie into the ropes but it gets reversed, then Paige reverses into a kick. She runs the ropes and is struck by Nattie’s spinning clothesline. Nattie adds more offense by German Suplex-ing Paige out of the ring.

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN……. Team B.A.D.’s music hits! A we see Sasha Banks leading the way with a mic as Naomi and Tamina Snuka follow behind her.

Naomi and Sasha begin their diatribe by mocking Nattie’s attack two weeks ago. The Boss says that Nattie is always seeking attention (She betta’ NOT be implying that with Nattie’s selfie game because they are basically religious institution at this point) .

Paige takes advantage of the distraction to kick Nattie and hit the Rampaige DDT for the pinfall victory. Team B.A.D. makes their way to the ring and Nattie tries to fight them off but gets drilled back to Canada (insert obligatory ‘Eh here) by Tamina’s Superkick. The threesome picks Nattie apart as Sasha Banks hits the Bank Statement. Team B.A.D. celebrates the beatdown by dancing in the ring.

Need more of your Diva fix? On SmackDown Fallout, Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze were interviewed by Tom Phillips discussing what Halloween costumes they will wear this year:

Thoughts: Renee Young in that fairy costume doing these serious interviews. Nuff said.

Moving on from that, I am really loving Summer and Tyler together. And in the long run, it can really be a great pairing. I just it moves past using ‘Gorgeous’ for everything and actually build on some things that only they do. The V.I.P. section on RAW was a great start, but I demand Summer Rae be in fur A.S.A.P. I so badly want them to go over the top, but it feels rather tame than what it could be. Maybe I’m spoiled by the fashion shows at NXT Takeover, but I just want the best for on of my faves! I’ll chalk it up to that this is new, so they’re working out the kinks…for now.

Regarding the match, I think we can all say we did not see any of this coming. I can go into the match, but we all know it was good so I’ll spare you. The twist of inserting Team B.A.D. into the storyline has been wanted by fans for a very long time. The beatdown after the match was effective. As I was watching I was getting more and more uncomfortable as well as getting a little mad at the heels. It made me as a harden, maybe jaded fan have symapthy for the babyface in Nattie. What I like about this segment is that it leaves us with so many questions. Did Team B.A.D. attack Nattie two weeks ago? Why did not Charlotte and Becky help to make the save? How will Team Bella play into this? I hope that on RAW, this all comes to a head and we deal with the main issue at hand: Who attacked Natalya? I smell a HUGE divas Survivor Series tag match and I’m not mad because this would be the first time that a match like this would have an actual storyline. Team Nattie vs Team Paige, you heard it here first!

My only complaint is that I wish there was a separate feud for the title. In some ways, it is great to have the champion involved in such a big angle. Some people see it as making the feud more legitimate. On the other hand, not when the champion has JUST won the title. I really do wanna see Charlotte on her own and this Team angle can ride off into the sunset but her reign appears to be taking a back seat. Maybe her and Becky have a respectable, friendly match at Survivor Series, I don’t know. But it seems you can book yourself into a major corner when all of the division is involved in one huge storyline. All in all, I really enjoyed this episode of SmackDown and I can honestly say I am more amped for Survivor Series than I was for Hell in a Cell.

Thanks for reading!

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