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SmackDown Spoilers: April 23rd, 2010

Spoilers for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown are below:

More detailed spoilers have been added.

* Layla and Michelle McCool (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Layla pinned Mickie. The match was a mess. In a segment that will be edited, Layla couldn’t find the ironing board under the ring. She eventually found it and they beat down Beth. The crowd chanted “You can’t find it” for the most awkward three minutes of the night. Layla and Michelle then stole Shannon Moore’s gimmick and wrote on Beth with lipstick. The match and segment bombed live. (Source:

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
This match (i.e. before the post-match shenanigans) sounds like something I would’ve loved to see last night on the Smackdown invasion of Raw, but Friday’s better late than never. It’s unfortunate to see Mickie kind of tossed to the side, even though she’s no longer the one chasing the belt. She just seems kind of forgotten now. I’d like to see her stick up for Beth in the same way Maria did for her. It would give her something to do without actually being the one that Laycool’s targeting.

I gotta say that I’m not looking forward to seeing the ironing board beatdown nor the tween slumber party-esque lipstick graffiti. Is this really what a feud between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix should be? I feel like Laycool should have more up their sleeves than just smearing makeup on people’s faces. Be vicious and bitchy, but in a way that’s actually compelling. Unless Beth has an intense phobia of lipstick, I don’t think this attack is going to do much damage to her psyche.

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