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SmackDown Spoilers: December 17th, 2015

Below are spoilers for this week’s edition of SmackDown:

* There’s a backstage segment with Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae talking about his match with Titus O’Neil. Goldust creeps around from behind and Summer sprays hairspray in his mouth.

* Titus O’Neil defeated Tyler Breeze with Clash of the Titus. Goldust came down during the match and sat with Summer in her VIP section. Goldust was taking selfies with Breeze’s selfie stick and distracted him with it, leading to Titus getting the win.

* Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella by submission. Team BAD came out during the match with “unity” signs. They took seats behind the announcers and the “we want Sasha” chants started up. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte comes out and trips Brie while Becky has the referee distracted. Becky then gets the win.

* Backstage segment with Charlotte and Becky. Becky doesn’t think Charlotte thinks she can win on her own.


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