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SmackDown Spoilers: February 5th, 2010

Spoilers for this Friday’s SmackDown are in. Click ‘show’ to read:

EDIT: Spoilers with more detail have been added, thanks to Diva Dirt reader C-Ray:

Mickie came out to a pretty good pop. She thanked the fans, and said “We did it” and things about being real. Beth came out to a decent pop as well. They exchanged words about facing each other for the Women’s Title, anytime, anywhere. Then Vickie came out saying Excuse me, and I swear to God, they booed the sh*t out of her! I’ve never seen ANY female get that kind of heel heat before in my life! To be honest, the only people throughout the entire taping that were even close to heel heat were Chris Jericho and CM Punk, and that’s just by a strand of hair! Vickie was cutting a promo and making the match, but I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying. The booing was that loud and that intense. Oh yeah, the match was Mickie and Beth vs Michelle and Layla.

• • •

Michelle and Layla both came out with matching hoodies that said Piggie James. I think. They took them off near the entranceway.

• • •

Michelle and Beth started off, and Michelle was getting womanhandled by Beth for the most part, Beth tagged in Mickie and she worked on Michelle for a little while, and then Beth knocked Mickie out, Michelle was shocked and then smiled, and Beth did too (kinda in a somewhat lesbian way) before Beth planted Michelle as well. She walked off with Michelle crawling to Layla, going to try to take care of Mickie, but that didn’t work out as Mickie surprised Layla with a rollup for the win. Michelle was irate, and Beth and Mickie had a staredown from the ring and entrance way.

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
This almost seems like something that could have taken place weeks ago, with Beth still not showing any allegiances. Are they pushing a 3-way feud or just Mickie vs. Beth?

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