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SmackDown Spoilers: August 21st, 2009

Spoilers for this Friday’s SmackDown are up. Click the ‘+’ sign to view:

SmackDown - August 21st, 2009
– Maria and Melina vs. Layla and Natalya is next. Melina pins Natalya with a sunset flip. (Source:

– According to fans at the event, Michelle made an appearance at ringside during the match:
“Michelle joined the commentary team for the match of Melina and Maria vs. Layla and Natalya. She appeared to be walking with a bit of a limp. Midway through the match, Michelle stood up and held up her title.”

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
I’m glad to see Natalya get some representation, even if it’s in your standard tag team match. I’m eager to see how she and Layla work together.

So, Michelle did indeed return to SmackDown this week, though not in a physical role, as I half expected would happen. Still, it’s better than nothing, and we know now that Michelle/Melina is going somewhere. Though, it’s tough to see what direction it could be going in, what with Michelle limping and all.

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