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SmackDown Spoilers: September 10th, 2010

Spoilers for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown below:

* Laycool and Kaval in the back, arguing over who would face Melina, saying Vickie let either defend. Kaval said it was his first night on SD, and could the girls please chill? They heeled him a bit, saying he wouldn’t be there if not for them.

* Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval (who already has better music and video than Daniel Bryan) – Drew hit a nasty suplex on the floor, landing Kaval on the apron. Kaval with an enziguri from the top rope, but Drew rolled out before Warrior’s Way. Kaval went for a rana from the apron but Drew essentially powerbomed Kaval. Back in the ring, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for three. Laycool came out to check on Kaval, but were icky at his sweat. They helped him to the back.

* Vickie and Caitlyn came out…again. Vickie kept berating Caitlyn’s promo work, then introduced Dolph Ziggler. Chavo (with short tights) also came out and the whole group came to the ring.

* Meantime Big Show on the tron, interviewing himself, with him playing Josh Matthews. Kelly told Show Josh was coming so Show hid the mic under his arm. Josh got his mikc back, a bit soiled. (Source: PWInsider)

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