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Sonya Deville talks nearly returning at the Royal Rumble

In a recent interview, Sonya Deville revealed she was almost a part of this year’s Royal Rumble. Since returning to WWE on January 1, Deville has taken an on-screen authority role rather than returning to the ring.

Deville last competed against Mandy Rose at last year’s SummerSlam in a Loser Leaves WWE match. Losing the match, she left the company for four months after her horrific real-life stalker/home invasion scare.

During her recent run, she has made decisions in favour of the heels such as Charlotte Flair, Zelina Vega and Carmella. Most recently she has targetted Naomi, which has seen Deville hint at an in-ring comeback. However, speaking to talkSPORT Deville disclosed her return to the ring could’ve been a lot sooner.

“Yeah [the Royal Rumble was discussed]. There was a lot of different ideas when I first came back but ultimately, it came down to a decision that was made that I had something to do with.”

The idea Deville mentioned was the beginning of the authoritative character we see on her screens today.

“I was basically in Vince’s [McMahon] office and we were kind of just throwing ideas out and I had mentioned I had a three-piece suit that I wanted to wear on TV. I kind of wanted to start incorporating this boss suit look into my character, whatever they may mean. He kind of just started thinking.

He was looking and I could tell his wheels were spinning and he said ‘Do you have the suit on you?’ I said ‘No, it’s at my hotel.’ He said ‘Alright, well get someone to go get it.’ And that’s when I wore the suit and walked down the hallway [for my return].

He’s just so genius and so creative. He just saw something that day when we had that small conversation that’s just unravelled this potential story and character and that’s where we’ve gone with it.”

Sonya Deville in WWE
Sonya Deville in WWE

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