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Sonya Deville on feeling appreciated in WWE

Sonya Deville recently spoke with FOX News in regards to her journey to WWE and becoming the “badass” she has become in the ring. She explains her start with Tough Enough and although she wouldn’t win that competition show there was still hope on her joining the company.

Deville felt doubtful when producers after her Tough Enough elimination told her that they still had interest in her. She would return to bartending which she was doing prior to the show.

“I was this Jersey girl that had never been just given, you know, an opportunity. And so I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t believe them,’” Deville explained. “So I went back to L.A. and I went back to bartending, which is what I was doing prior. And I started training at Brian Kendrick’s school and I was hounding the hiring department of WWE, like, ‘You guys have to fly me back out. You have to give me another trial. Like, how do I get back there?'”

From there she would be offered a position as a host for a podcast on UFC. This was for AfterBuzz TV which was created by Maria Menounos and her husband, Keven Undergaro. Menounos has a rather close relationship with WWE. She then made the trip to Orlando, Fla. for a trial and within two months later she was signed.

Credit: WWE

She has been a constant on the SmackDown roster as of late along with her Fire & Desire teammate and best friend, Mandy Rose. Although she has been on the losing end of her matches, Deville has seemed confident in her placement and future within WWE. She was asked if she feels unappreciated and she explained that it is quite the opposite.

“I feel respected. I feel like the fans want to see more for me, you know,” she said. “And I think that’s cool that they want to see more and I think it’s cool that they haven’t gotten to see more yet because it just makes them appreciate it when it does come.”

“I think that everyone has a time in life, in general and especially in the WWE,” she explained. “There is a time and a place for everyone’s climb and rise to the top. And I think that you haven’t seen Sonya’s peak yet, obviously.”

“And I’m blessed. I’m one of the youngest females in the locker room – I’m 26. So I have longevity with the company and I’m blessed to be here and to be here for a long time. So I’m excited for the future.”

For the full interview you can visit it on the FOX News website by clicking here. Credit to FOX News for all transcripts.

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