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Spitfire & SDL Win Champions Challenge; Gail Kim Offers A Hand “Home” To Gisele Shaw

On tonight’s TNA Impact! Champions and Knockouts look to settle their differences once and for all.

To kick off Knockouts action for the night, a rematch is underway between Ash By Elegance and Xia Brookside, as Ash looks to regain her bejeweled knuckles that were taken from her a few weeks ago.

Before the match can even get underway Ash attempts to appoint George Icemean as the official of this match, but is quickly shot down as Brookside attempts to gain a strong start.

The two end up going back and forth, with Brookside looking strong throughout the match. Unfortunately for her, Iceman gets involved for Ash to gain advantage with the distraction. Ash hits her patented Swanton Bomb off the top rope and picks up the win and gets her jewelry back.

Post-match, the duo taunt Brookside and demand that she bow down and give the rings back to Ash. Brookside proceeds to do just as she is told, and knocks Ash out with the knuckles in hand.

We are back in the Wellness Retreat we saw last week, and TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim is having her talk with Gisele Shaw. Shaw seems distraught after losing the championship match for the TNA Knockouts World Championship some time ago. Kim understands that Shaw wants to refocus and clear her mind, but not at the cost of “quitting.” She then goes on to give her a guiding hand on the way back “home.”

In tonight’s main event, all the TNA champions are set to face off against their rivals in a 16-person “Champions Challenge” tag team match. On the champion side representing the Knockouts are TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace and TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards, who are set to face off against Steph De Lander and the team of Spitfire.

The two teams begin to collide and back from commercial, Grace and Dani Luna are in the ring going back and forth. Grace makes the tag to Laredo Kid and the two go at it before SDL forces the tag and Slamovich makes the tag in. SDL doesn’t want anything to do with Slamovich and tags in Jody Threat, who is still upset at losing her tag team championship and takes it out on Edwards. Unfortunately, for Threat the Knockouts Tag Team Champions seem to take control over her for a while. Luna tries to make the save, but get taken out by their opposing forces.

Chaos ensues and everyone goes airborne including Grace and Threat. In the end, Joe Hendry takes out Brian Myers with the Standing Ovation and wins it for the All-Stars team.

Post-match, PCO makes a dramatic entrance to the ring and gives a black rose to SDL, which she accepts.

How was tonight’s TNA Impact? What did you think of that huge tag team match? How will the future pan out for Shaw? And what is going on with PCO and SDL? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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