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Speaking Out movement leads to UK’s first-ever inquiry into British Professional Wrestling

The #SpeakingOut movement had a profound effect on the wrestling world. The movement exposed the awful sexual, physical, and emotional abuse within the wrestling industry. Now an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has formed in Britain. The AAPG aims to govern the industry and make it a safer place for everyone.

Pro Wrestling Eve Champion Rhea O’Reilly, PROGRESS Champion Cara Noir, Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones and MP Conservative Mark Fletcher came together to launch the UK’s first-ever inquiry into British professional wrestling.

The inquiry, due for early 2021 states;

“The purpose of this inquiry is to investigate and evaluate the current successes, challenges and potential improvements that could be made to the professional wrestling industry in Britain.”

The document calls for the help of fans, performers and promoters.

“We want to hear from fans, wrestling talent, promoters and others what their views are on how we can support the industry.”

An email address has been set up for submissions and will remain open unil Nov, 27.

In a passionate speech at the House of Commons, Labour MP, Alex Davies-Jones spoke about regulating the British wrestling scene.

“The #MeToo movement shone a light on the inherent misogyny that persists across so many industries, but less well known is the Speaking Out movement, which has left the wrestling industry tainted with its harrowing stories of emotional and sexual abuse. These behaviours are disgraceful, yet they continue to persist, and ultimately, the sports industry urgently needs more regulation. The UK Government have a responsibility to engage proactively with governing bodies to support women and to bring an end this abuse.”

Thanks for the Wrestling Movement for the transcript.

You can follow the APPG on Twitter to keep up to date with the progress of this vital inquiry.

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