Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Stacy 2.0… Er, Courtney Taylor Profiled


You know that Beyonce song where she’s talking all about deja vu? That’s what I experienced when I first saw new ECW Diva, Courtney Taylor‘s – real name Beverly Mullins’ – photoshoot for Girlfriend is giving off serious Stacy Keibler vibes.

Now now, that ain’t necessarily a bad thing — the Keib was 42 inches of luscious blonde goddess and I think Courtney is just as pretty. It would be eerily uncanny if they had Courtney & Kelly Kelly do a photoshoot together as an homage to Stacy and gal pal, Torrie Wilson.

Watch out for Erin’s review of Courtney’s photoshoot in Sunday’s Unwrapped. Until then, check out Taylor’s new profile by clicking here.

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