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Stardom Cinderella Tournament First Round Complete – Updated Brackets

Stardom has kicked off its 2022 Cinderella Tournament on April 3 and there are now six matches set for round two now that round one is complete. The tournament will continue throughout the month culminating to April 29.

The first-round match results are as follows –

  • Syuri defeated Ami Sourei via submission 9:48
  • Himeka defeated Ruaka via pin 6:02
  • Hazuki defeated Miyu Amasaki via submission 5:32
  • AZM defeated Momo Watanabe via pin 3:04
  • Giulia defeated Thekla via pin 8:54
  • Koguma defeated Fulkigen Death via pin 4:33
  • Saya Iida defeated Rina via pin 4:46
  • Mai Sakurai defeated Lady C via pin 5:31
  • Utami Hayashishita vs. Tam Nakano Draw 10:00
  • MIRAI defeated Mina Shirakawa Eliminated 8:20
  • Saki Kashima defeated Waka Tsukiyama via pin 1:59
  • Mayu Iwatani defeated Momo Kohgo via pin 5:48
  • Unagi Sayaka defeated Hina via pin 6:27
  • Natsupoi defeated Starlight Kid Eliminated 5:54
  • Maika defeated Hanan via pin 4:37

A new unit named God’s Eye emerged with Syuri as the leader along with Ami Sourei and MIRAI.

The second round matches are as follows –

  • Syuri vs. Himeka
  • Hazuki vs. AZM
  • Giulia vs. Koguma
  • Saya Iida vs. Mai Sakurai
  • Saki Kashima vs. Mayu Iwatani
  • Unagi Sayaka vs. Natsupoi

MIRAI has bye to the Quarterfinals

The winner of Unagi Sayaka vs. Natsupoi will win a bye in the Quarterfinals. A second-round match took place already between Maika and Saya Kamitani. Both were eliminated making the match a draw and neither will advance.

Who do you think will win it all? Check back in with Diva Dirt throughout April for more results from the Cinderella Tournament.

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