Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Stone Cold Clarifies His Alicia Fox & Melina Comment on Tough Enough

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin took to his Twitter page to assert that he meant no disrespect to Alicia Fox and Melina during the premiere of Tough Enough this past week.

After contestant Ariane Andrew told Austin that her favorite match was Alicia vs Melina, he proceeded to say: “Who?” before asking her why of all the matches in the history of WWE she chose that one.

Austin tweeted: “et me bottom line something right now–i meant no disrespect to Melina or Alicia on TE. both women are class acts and hard workers. cheers.”

Thoughts: Personally, I didn’t take it as a slight when he said ‘Who?’ I don’t think he meant it as in he didn’t know who they were and snubbed them, but rather he was taken aback/surprised by her choice of match — as were many of the viewers.

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