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Stratus vs. Lynch Brawl To End In Double Count Out, Steel Cage Up Next

Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch round two was finally happening on this week’s Raw.

The feud that has lasted months since Stratus turned on Lynch resulted in The Man salivating over a rematch. Their first encounter had Stratus go over with the win at Night of Champions back in May. This win was thanks to Zoey Stark who emerged as Stratus’ new protege. This time, Stark was banned from ringside.

The match was given solid time and even had some nostalgia as Stratus went to hit Lynch in the face with her face mask. This was the same spot that Stratus did to Lita in their Raw main event in 2004. This time, however, Lynch was ready for it.

Eventually, the match would break down to the outside as Stratus tried to escape over the barricade and into the crowd. Lynch followed and the two would be counted out resulting in no winner of the match.

This didn’t stop them as the women brawled up the steps of the arena and up to the concession and merchandise area. After using merch as a weapon against Lynch, Lynch would get Stratus on top of the merch table. Perhaps thinking of going for the ManHandle Slam.

An individual appeared to assist Stratus and it would be of course, Zoey Stark. The two-on-one was too much for Lynch as a Chick Kick leveled her on the ground to end the segment.

Adam Pearce found Stratus and Stark after the match and he wasn’t happy about the result. He said next time Stratus and Lynch get in the ring it will be in a Steel Cage!

Elsewhere on Raw, Indi Hartwell took on the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley in a non-title bout. Prior to the match was a nice video package to further introduce Hartwell to the Raw crowd. Hartwell was also seen preparing for her match in the women’s locker room alongside Candice LeRae and Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez still wants Ripley but has to wait until her injury heals.

As for the match, Hartwell got a decent bit of offense in and even a near fall towards the end of the match. But Ripley delivered a massive headbutt followed by Riptide to secure the victory. Ripley did go after LeRae during the match which cause LeRae to jump Ripley post match. Hartwell joined in on the attack. Both LeRae and Hartwell ran after the post attack as Dominik Mysterio came in to save Mami.

Maxxine Dupri continues to jot tolerate Ludwig Kaiser’s advances with a slap.

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