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Sumie Sakai to defend WOH title on UK tour

Sumie Sakai will defend the Women of Honor Championship for the second time, this time on international soil. She’ll be competing against Chardonnay on Sunday, May 27, 2018 during Ring of Honor’s UK tour.

ROH had this to say about the match up:

“Chardonnay, who made her Women of Honor debut earlier on the tour in tag team action in Edinburgh, is a member of STARDOM’s Queen’s Quest and has quickly established herself as a top international competitor after breaking into professional wrestling just four years ago under Robbie Brookside.

Her four years in wrestling may be in stark contrast to the Champion Sumie’s near 20-year career that has links to Lioness Asuka and Jaguar Yakota, two of the all-time great female wrestlers, but Chardonnay will have speed, height, and reach advantages on the champ.

For Sumie, the defense on foreign soil has its disadvantages but the champion is used to fighting on foreign soil: Sumie gave up her life in Japan in 2002 to pursue a professional wrestling career in the United States, the same year she made her debut in Ring of Honor. The litany of opponents Sumie has faced gives her an experience edge that wrestlers cannot buy and should make for an incredible match-up!”

Chardonnay and Kelly Klein defeated Sumie and Tenille Dashwood during the first leg of the Honor United tour on Thursday, May 24. Klein surprise rolled up Dashwood for the win.

Sumie’s first title defense was against Jenny Rose during the War of the Worlds TV and YouTube tapings.

The event will be broadcast live on HonorClub. To become a member go here.

Do you think Sumie will retain the WOH title? Sound off in the comments below.

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