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Super-Detailed SmackDown Spoilers for January 8th

Diva Dirt reader, Jennifer was at last night’s SmackDown taping and sent in her own detailed report of the Divas action. Check it out below:

SmackDown - January 8th, 2010
First was a promo backstage showing Michelle, Layla and Beth. The first two are falling all over themselves apologizing for last week, stating they love Beth and they were only trying to help. They offer to show her something they’ve gotten for Mickie. Layla goes off camera, then back in carrying a pig’s trow with all sorts of leaves and other greens. On the front is “Piggy James”. They exclaim how she never has a big enough plate, this ought to suit her, etc. In unison they go “Look ma! No hands!” and put their faces down into the trow lightly, although Layla comes back up with a piece of lettice in her lips which Michelle plucks out. Beth doesn’t look pleased about any of this to say the least. She says “You two are incredible” and although its clear that she does not mean it as a compliment, they take it as one until she finishes her statement “You two are incredible. You’re back here playing games. Layla you and I have a match tonight and you’d better get serious.” (The first two sentences are verbatim and the last gets the drift of her tone.) She walks away, leaving LayCool startled. Michelle thinks Layla’s said something to get her mad, Layla immediately looks nervious and asks Michelle if she’s still coming out with her. Michelle says yes but she’s still glad it’s her and not Michelle.

Then we have a video package promoting Celebrity Apprentice and Maria talking about how she thinks she’ll win. We then go to Vickie, Maria and Teddy Long in the back. Vickie asks Maria to ‘sell’ the new WWE Mattel action figures, which Maria does pretty well as a sales rep. Khali and his interpreter comes in (sorry it’s almost midnight and I can’t remember his name), and I couldn’t hear all the rest due to the live crowd. But it’s a pretty funny segment I think.

Beth’s out first, with a package of last week’s events. Layla comes out with Michelle looking really nervious. (Side note: if you hear someone yelling “Beth’s gonna kill you! Beth’s gonna kill you!” that’d be me heh) After getting the ref to back Beth up, Layla gets in the ring. And aside from a few seconds of offense, Beth dominates. It’s a short match, at one point Layla rolling to the outside, only for Michelle to help her up – and push her back in. Beth wins with the Glam Slam. She has her back to Michelle, who creeps in and tries to rush her, but Beth turns around and Michelle stops. Layla grabs Beth’s leg and the two get a double team. Here comes Mickie to save the day! The two clear house and look at each other. Beth has a semi-grin on her face. Mickie goes to offer her hand only to hit Beth with a Mick Kick. MJ leaves the ring, shrugging with a small smile as if to say “Now we’re even.” I’d lay odds it’s a tag match next week.

So further progression in the overall storyline, Michelle’s getting better with her promos, and Beth continues to waver between face and heel. Good segments by all, even if it was a short match. Everyone did really well.

Side note, I met Savannah/Angela Fong after the show was over. She was letting fans take pics with her, so I got one and told her I’d seen her wrestle in FCW and that she was fantastic. She looked really pleased and thanked me. I asked her why she wasn’t wrestling here, she said that she really didn’t know, that this was another role for her and that we’d see what the future holds. I told her I hoped it was soon as I thought she was really good. She was super sweet, absolutely gorgeous in person, and looked genuinely happy that I’d complimented her on her wrestling. Very sweet woman!

Oh and Natalya I believe gets involved in the six person tag between Hart Foundation with Y2J vs Cryme Tyme with R Truth. I said “I believe” because I saw her dart over when one of the other team was out of the ring on the floor and I think she may’ve given him a good swift kick. That woman is so much more beautiful and imposing in person, she has a charisma you can really feel.

So good stuff all around for our women!

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