Friday, July 1, 2022

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Tara Has the Belt, But Who’s Next?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you know that the TNA Knockouts Championship changed hands on Thursday’s Impact. The wrestler formerly known as Victoria, Tara, now has the strap firmly in her grasp. Now while all that is just peaches and cream, I’ve found myself asking a question I’m sure is on everybody’s mind: Who’s next in line for a shot at the title? Here are my picks:

Angelina Love: This one is a given. No way is Angelina Love going to let her title go without a fight. I expect to see her in a rematch in the very near future.

Awesome Kong: Awesome Kong may have had Tara’s back during their tag match with The Beautiful People, but chances are she has her mind set on getting that belt back. Kong has been out of the title picture since losing it to Angelina Love and now would be the perfect time to get back in the game.

See the rest of my picks after the cut.

Taylor Wilde: Until a few weeks ago, Taylor Wilde, the perpetual underdog was all but forgotten in the Knockouts division. However, after a few hard hitting gimmick matches with Daffney, fans are reminded of what Taylor can do in the ring. Maybe she can ride that momentum into a friendly one-on-one bout with Tara.

Sarita: If you’ve been watching Impact for the last few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly seen the ‘Coming in _ weeks’ promos for Sarita. In a odd yet pleasant twist, TNA is hyping a debuting Knockout. They didn’t even do that for Victoria and she’s a much bigger star. Obviously TNA has big plans for the luchadora princess. What could be bigger than going toe to toe with TNA’s top knockout?

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