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Tara Says Trish Stratus ‘Deserves’ Hall of Fame Induction

trish-victoria-taraTNA Knockout Tara has given her seal of approval to former WWE colleague Trish Stratus, who was announced recently as a Hall of Fame inductee.

The pair had many battles during their time in the company when Tara competed as Victoria, and it seems Trish hasn’t forgotten the rivalries she’s had along the way that helped her earn the nod.

The former Women’s Champion reached out to her friend to thank her for helping her get inducted, reveals Tara in an interview with Examiner.

She said: “Oh she so deserves it! I am going to be honest with you, I wish I could induct her. I was in WWE. I am proud to be a part of WWE history, and now I am with TNA, there is no rivalry between companies for me. I love both companies but I am super proud of her, she deserves it for ‘the Golden era’.

“She also reached out and called me and said thank you, you helped me be inducted because we had hellacious matches. That’s a true professional, she appreciates who got her there. I would love to be there, but I don’t know how both companies would feel. Honestly, I am super proud. I love her, we are best friends.”

That Trish, always a class act!

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