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Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan say that the Knockouts division is “slept on” and “under-estimated”

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are definitely a formidable tag team to watch out for in the IMPACT Knockouts division. They are moments away from their first-round match against Team Sea Stars in the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament and they have gold in their sights.

They recently spoke with TakNShop where they provide updates on their contract status with the company. They also commented on how they feel that the IMPACT roster is being perceived.

Credit: IMPACT

Steelz has longer on her contract because she was just signed this year in May. She states that she has “another two years.” As for Hogan, she originally signed in 2017 and then spoke in August 2019 about re-signing. She states that her contract is “up in July.”

They both commented during the same interview on how they feel the state of the Knockouts division is currently. The locker room has definitely grown this year with several women signing contracts. So how is this being translated to fans and critics?

Hogan says, “It definitely is slept on. If you look at our division we are a bunch of crazy different characters that come from a lot of different places and all bring something to the table. As a unit, we are unbreakable and that is slept on. I believe our division is the best division. We have the best competition and women. We’re trying to build each other up and make our division great as a whole.”

Steelz comments on the comparison between IMPACT and other companies such as WWE and AEW.

Credit: IMPACT

“People under-estimate us because we have a smaller group versus WWE, but they have women in NXT that they aren’t using at all. They just sign women to sign women. You have women in AEW that are being signed left and right but they aren’t being used and the women they’ve had from the beginning aren’t being used. People under-estimate because we are a smaller group, but you see all of us every week.”

Mic drop.

Steelz spoke earlier this year on her tryout with NXT and how they approached her on being a referee.

What do you think of the current status of the IMPACT Knockouts division? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Credit for transcription goes to Fightful.

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